Game Tech Group – the Hydra grows new heads

A reliable source has flagged up a couple of new properties that they felt are likely connected to the extended Game Tech Group. Given the notoriety of this group we felt it appropriate to review these claims in detail.

It is hard to say whether this site is even active at the present time – it has minimal (13) games from a provider we have never encountered before - but what we can say is that the terms and conditions included on this site are over a 95% match to the terms and conditions used by known Game Tech Group operators. Get in touch with us for a review of these documents.

If this operator is not associated with the Game Tech Group they have chosen to rip content off of one of the most questionable groups in the industry. Either option is far from a good thing but in our opinion it’s likely that this is simply a new property in this extended family of rogues.

Our forum user tied this site to the Game Tech Group via the website code. Specifically the string “GS_doBannerAction”. ‘GS’ is an abbreviation frequently used by Game Tech Group associated properties to refer to Game Scale software

We entered this code segment into – a search engine that specifically matches code segments on different websites. What was returned was a long list (180 domains) almost exclusively populated by brands owned by the Game Tech Group and associated companies.

Beyond this there are key artefacts in the site design that strongly suggest the same templates being used. For example:

Footers (notice the order of the links)

Support Pop-Ups

Alongside this, digging into their code we find the following:

The above clearly shows that PlayNetCasino have named a large number of resources after "AfriCasino", a brand owned by Equinox Dynamic NV, a company we have already established has strong links to the Game Tech Group.

So it seems entirely reasonable based on the above to conclude that PlayNetCasino are another property associated with the Game Tech Group. This means we also consider the company ‘Maroon Overseas Ltd’ to be a Game Tech Group associated company.

Looking further into the list produced by we found that while the majority of domains were simply variations on known Game Tech Group associated brands, there were a couple of domains that were recognised for other reasons (see our article on the bCasino connection) and a small number that we did not recognise at all.


Beyond appearing on this list of sites using exactly the same code segment, MajestySlots terms and conditions are a 100% derivative of Game Tech Group terms and conditions (get in touch for a review of these).

On this basis we’re more than comfortable concluding that MajestySlots are a Game Tech Group related property and as such we would consider Tall Mountain Limited, the company listed as owning this site as Game Tech Group associated. and

There’s far less to work with in terms of these sites – they do not appear to be operators in their own right and there is little content on these sites. They are clones of each other and both in Russian.

The domain appears to be oddly misplaced on this list of domains having nothing obvious to do with gambling but a translation of the site seems to indicate that it is a mirror site (to get round the Russian government’s online gaming restrictions) for Goodwin Casino. Beyond this though we cannot see any other overt connection to the Game Tech Group or Goodwin Casino.

CasinoMangat has a big red button that when clicked directs the user through to Vulkan branded casinos have been identified widely distributing non-genuine games and recently connected to other UK licensed operators.

There is not much to say about these sites as they do not appear to be operators in their own rights, but our opinion is that any sites listed in this section should be avoided by players as high risk. also share ownership (Green Feather Online Limited) and MGA license with and

Given the shared ownership and wealth of evidence connecting to the Game Tech Group, we would unquestionably consider both these properties to be Game Tech Group associated. does not yet appear to be online, but interestingly there are a number of affiliate sites that already have reviews published of this site including logos. We are left wondering where these affiliate sites got their information and graphics?