Skybook Cheating Video Poker Amigotech Software

Analysis of the Main Game

When playing optimally the probability of receiving 3 of a Kind or better in the 2 Ways Royal game that Skybook offers is 0.109805 and as such the probability of any single hand resulting in a hand of 2 Pairs or less is 1-0.109805 = 0.890195.

To calculate the probability of not receiving 3 of a Kind or better over 560 hands, we take the probability of receiving 2 Pair or less and put it to the power of 560

0.890195^560 = 0.000000000000000000000000000053

If we convert that probability into odds we get;

1 in 18867924528301900000000000000 or approximately 1 in 1.88x10^28

To put this figure in a perspective that can be understood, rough estimates of the number of stars in the observable universe are between 7x10^22 and 7x10^24 (source - This means that if we played 2700 sets of 560 hand for EVERY STAR IN THE OBSERVABLE UNIVERSE we would only have played just enough to expect to have seen a single set with no 3 of a Kind or better hands ((1.88*10^28)/(7*10^24)= 2695.42).

Put another way, the odds of winning the jackpot on the UK National Lottery are 1 in 13983816. The odds of this event occurring are substantially longer than the odds of a player buying a single ticket for three different National Lottery draws and winning the jackpot on each of the 3 draws (1 in 2734494804479010000000 or 1 in 2.73x10^21).

In short if the player has played optimally there is no way that this result could have occurred when playing a game that operated fairly.

The above analysis depends on the player playing every hand optimally. This assumption had to be checked and confirmed before any conclusions could be drawn. For instance, if a player intentionally discarded winning hands or any cards that may be likely to result in winning hands it may have been possible to artificially force this type of result (though there doesn’t seem to be any good reason that a player would choose to do this). As such we requested copies of the player’s game history to be extracted from the Skybook casino casino software (Amigotechs). The player provided the requested game history in the form of both screen shots and a video to ensure against any claims of forgery.

The below table shows a complete hand history for the playing session, which lasted a little less than 1 hour and 20 minutes, including the starting hand, the finishing hand, whether the player’s decision was optimal, if not what the Expected Value reduction was and what the final hand paid as;

HandGame IDStarting HandHandFinishing HandCorrect StrategyEV ReductionResult
161030365As4cAc2c4s2 Pair As4cAc8d4sY 2 Pair
261030359Ac6dKsQdJsNothingAc6cKsQdJsY Loss
4610303542d8h2hAcJsPair2d3c2h9dTdY Loss
561030349 9s9cKhQdKc2 Pair9s9cKh7hKcY 2 Pair
6610303434sJs3sKhAhNothing5c5sKdKhAhY 2 Pair
7610303389d3h3sTs2sPairQs3h3sKcAsY Loss
861030335JdQd4h9c4dPairTdTc4hQs4dY 2 Pair
9610303293c8sKdTsAsNothing4d3sKd2sAsY Loss
1061030321KcAdJs3s9dNothingKc2hJs4sKdY Pair
11610303167hTd3c2dQdNothing4hTdQs6hQdY Pair
12610303137cKcJc2d5sNothing4hKcJc6s8cY Loss
13610303108d5d3c8hKsPair8dKdJd8h3DY Loss
14610303083c4c9hTh3sPair3c4d8dJd3sY Loss
15610303004dJd8d5d6hNothing4dJd8d5d2sY Loss
16610302862d3c2c4c8cPair8d3c2c4cThY Loss
17610302814cQs5sKs3hNothing9sQsQhKs9dY 2 Pair
18610302779c4d5dQd6cNothing7cAdQsQd8cY Pair
19610302734sTd8cAsKhNothing9h7c9cAsKhY Loss
20610302714d6c8h4c9sPair4dQdTh4cAdY Loss
21610302655dJc9hTd6sNothing5hJc9cKc6dY Loss
22610302462cJhQdThAsNothing2sJhQdThAsY Loss
23610302349s3s2s9hQsPair9s3s2sQcQsY Pair
24610302287c4sKc8h9hNothingKsQsKcAd9sY Pair
2561030224Tc3d8c3hJsPair6h3d8d3h8sY 2 Pair
26610302196hAdJd2sQcNothing4sAdJd9hQsY Loss
27610302178d9d7cKs8cPair8dKd2s6d8cY Loss
2861030210Jd4s8hQc6cNothingJd6d2dQcQhY Pair
2961030204Kc4s6dTs8cNothingKcJsQs6c7cY Loss
30610302026hTs2dJcTcPairQdTs2h7sTcY Loss
31610301963sTh6d8c5hNothing5sQc2sTd2hY Loss
32610301894d6dAsQhKdNothingAc8hJhQhKdY Loss
3361030187Js9h5d7d5sPair9s8d5dQh5s Y Loss
34610301842c9sAc5d7dNothingAdQcAc2hKhY Pair
3561030180Kh7d9sTs2hNothingKhTdJd8c3dY Loss
36610301786hQd4c4s7sPairAs9h4c4s8sY Loss
37610301716s5cTs6cAsPair6s5d9d6c7dY Loss
38610301663h6cKc8c7sNothing6hJdKc5cJhY Pair
39610301602sQcKs5dTsNothingQsQcKsTd3sY Pair
4061030155Th7sQd4sKsNothing9d6sQdAhKsY Loss
41610301509sKc6d7d8hNothing9sQd6d7d8hY Loss
42610301445c6hKsAcAdPair5s2sJdAcAdY Pair
43610301415s2hJhQc8hNothing6cKcJhQcTh Y Loss
4461030135AcTh4dAhKcPairAc4s9dAh3sY Pair
4531030131KhJh3hKd3s2 Pair JKh9d3hKd3sY 2 Pair
4661030127QhJh5cTs7sNothingQhJh3c9c9hY Loss
4761030123Jc3sTdJs7dPairJcKs8cJs4sY Pair
48610301185dAc6sTcKhNothing3dAcTh5sKhY Loss
4961030112Ts7d7s6hJdPair2c7d7sQh2sY 2 Pair
5061030108KsQhQdTd4dPair2hQhQd8s3hY Pair
51610301025c6d7s6s2hPair8h6d2c6sTsY Loss
52610300966hKdJc5c5hPair2sAd2c5c5hY 2 Pair
53610300907c4dKhAs7dPair7cTh6s9s7dY Loss
54610300855d7d9cAcJhNothing2s3h5sAcJhY Loss
55610300798dKh9s7sAdNothing7cKhJdQhAdY Loss
5661030074Jc5h4dQdKdNothing4sAsJdQdKdY Loss
57610300687hKcAcTd3hNothing9sKcAc3s5cY Loss
58610300664sQc4h8h2cPair4s2s4h7sTsY Loss
5961030061AcTd3c7sKdNothingAc4dKhQcKdY Pair
60610300552sQdJcKdAcNothing4cQdJcKdAc Y Loss
61610300499c7dAh2h8hNothing2s8cAh9h3cY Loss
62610300352d9s3h6c4hNothing2c6dTs3d2sY Loss
63610300266c3d5c5d2dPairAd3d9h5d2dY Loss
64610300227c6cJcKd6sPair2d6c9d4d6sY Loss
65610300174d6s8s9d3hNothing4sJs8cAs9sY Loss
6661030006Jc3dKcQd9dNothingJc6cKcQd9dN>-0.03 Loss
6761029998Jh4d3c6dQdNothingJh5dKd9dQdY Loss
6861029991As2d5s3c5dPair8dKc5sQd5dY Loss
6961029987AdJhKc4h4sPair9s5cTd4h4s Y Loss
70610299858d4sJd3d3cPair8hJs6d3d3cY Loss
71610299799h2c4dAdTdNothing4c3dKcAdAhY Pair
7261029971JdAcQd6dThNothingJdQsQd4h6cY Pair
73610299679s7d7cTsTd2 Pair 8h7d7cTsTdY 2 Pair
7461029961AcTh9sQhKhNothingKsTh9cQhKhY Pair
75610299575h2d8cKhAcNothing7cQd5dKhAcY Loss
76610299558d6cQs3c6sPair3s6cKdAd6sY Loss
77610299504d7d2c2s8sPairAhQc2c2s4sY Loss
78610299479c5d9dTdKcPair9c7c9dTcKdY Loss
7961029944Kh8dJc3h6sNothingKh7cJc4c5sY Loss
80610299423h3s7s9h7d2 Pair3h3s7s4d7dY 2 Pair
81610299395cThTd4h6hPair3cThTd8c3hY 2 Pair
82610299376c3d4s8cJhNothing3h5sQd9cJhY Loss
83610299339dAc5s4dKsNothingAdAc2s8cKsY Pair
84610299292dTc5cKdAhNothingAs5sKcKdAhY 2 Pair
8561029925Js5h4c4hAsPairAc8d4c4h2cY Loss
8661029922TsAdQc6hQhPair7d8dQc7cQhY 2 Pair
87610299193sKhQsAh8dNothing6sKh3dAh9dY Loss
8861029915Kh6s3c8cTcNothingKh3sKs7d9hY Pair
89610299123d3c7h2dThPair3d3cTs9c9hY 2 Pair
90610299096s3s5c9sJhNothing5sJs8s9cJhY Pair
91610299067hKd9d2cJdNothing4sKd9d9dJdY Loss
9261029902JcQhQdTdAhPairAsQhQd4s5dY Pair
9361029899Js4c6hAsTdNothingJsAh6sAs5dY Pair
94610298966h8cAhQs4sNothing4cThAhQs8sY Loss
9561029892JcQc7cAd6dNothingJcQc5dQdKcY Pair
96610298877dKc8sAsTcNothing4sKcKhAsJcY Pair
97610298847hJs6s2hThNothing3cJs8dAc3hY Loss
9861029879Th7c2h3sJcNothingKd3d3hTdJcY Loss
99610298733c7h8h9h6hNothingJc7h8h9h6hY Loss
100610298706dAsJs6sJh2 Pair 6dTsJs6sJhY 2 Pair
10161029861AhJdTs9cKdNothingAsJd3cKhKdY Pair
102610298562cThAsKd2sPair2cJc5h3h2sY Loss
10361029852Tc5d8s6cJsNothingKs8h2sKcJsY Pair
10461029847Tc4hAsQh5sNothingTd2cAsQhKcY Loss
105610298438d9cKc2sKsPair3hAdKc2hKsY Pair
106610298386c8s2sKhAhNothingQs2c2dKhAhY Loss
107610298364sQs5dTh9dNothing8cQsKd8d9hY Loss
10861029833Ts3dAd4d7cNothing7h3dAd4d9hY Loss
109610298303h6d8d2c4dNothingKs6d8d6s4dY Loss
11061029826Ad2d6sJhTsNothingAd5sAcJh5hY 2 Pair
11161029823As4dKsAh9hPairAs4h4sAh5cY 2 Pair
11261029820Kc2c8dKh5sPairKc9s8cKhJsY Pair
113610298166d7c3cAc9dNothingQcAs9cAc6cY Pair
114610298135dJcAdKcTcNothing8cJc4sKcTcY Loss
115610298084c9h3hAsKhNothingJs7hQcAsKhY Loss
116610298012sQd4c9hKsNothing8dQdAsQhKsY Pair
11761029796AhJh5cTd6cNothingAhJh9s9d7hY Loss
118610297946d3s3h8cQsPairJd3s3h5c2sY Loss
11961029789ThAc7cJhAsPair9cAcQhTcAsY Pair
120610297787cKs8c5s4cNothingAcKsJdAs5sY Pair
121610297743d9c7hKd3sPair3dQcTs6d3sY Loss
12261029771TcKdTs6cJdPairTc5dTs2s7hY Loss
12361029766JcJd7h9c3hPairJcJdAh8c9sY Pair
124610297625sTc8cKc4cNothing2hTc8cKc4cY Loss
125610297597s5d5s6dJsPair7h5d5sKd4dY Loss
126610297528d7cJc5hKsNothingTh9dJcKcKsY Pair
127610297464d7d2d2hKdPair4d7d2d5sKdY Loss
12861029740QdJd7c6cKsNothingQdJd3h7s2cY Loss
129610297357sAc5c9cTdNothingTcAc6s5sQsY Loss
130610297316cKd7s9cQhNothing6sKdJhQdQhY Pair
13161029725As8c6d2dThNothingAs3cTc7cJcY Loss
13261029714Ts5h6s2s3sNothingTcAs6s2s3sY Loss
133610297109d7sJs4c4dPair3s5sTd4c4dY Loss
134610297049sQc5dAd8hNothingAcQcQhAdTsY 2 Pair
13561029697KcQd4d7s8dNothingKcQd6c2d6dY Loss
13661029692Td4s6d9h8cNothing5sAs9cKhQhY Loss
13761029687Kd9d2h2c5dPair9s7c2h2c3hY Loss
13861029685Ac3c6d6sTdPair3h5s6d6sKhY Loss
13961029679Ah3d3h2hJdPair6c3d3h6s7hY 2 Pair
140610296745s6s9s9d3hPair5hQs9s9dKcY Loss
141610298684sKh4hQdQc2 Pair 4s6h4hQdQcY 2 Pair
142610296644c7d6cJd8dNothing9d7d2hJd8dY Loss
143610296599d2cKs4hAsNothing5h9hKsQcAsY Loss
144610296548sAc3c9h5hNothing4cAc9c4h7hY Loss
145610296486s3s6h3c2d2 Pair 6s3s6h3c5sY 2 Pair
146610296437sAhJsJcAd2 Pair 8sAhJsJcAdY 2 Pair
14761029640JsTsJh7h6dPair JsTdJhThQsY 2 Pair
148610296353h9hJs9h9cPair 4c9h2cJc9cY Loss
149610296294d5h7hTc2hNothing3h6c9h6d3cY 2 Pair
150610296214cJsAc2sTcNothing3dJsAcQcJdY Pair
15161029617KdTd3s4cQsNothingKdJd5hAcQsY Loss
152610296135dAsTdJdJsPair7hQsJd7sJsY 2 Pair
15361029609Jc6c7d6dAcPair4c6c7s6dQdY Loss
154610296054hJs2d9h4cPair4h3sQdTc4cY Loss
155610296018s2dKh6c9sNothing9d4dKh7dAdY Loss
156610295973cJdKh4s7dNothingQhJdKh5sJcY Pair
157610295935c7hQhAsJdNothing9cQsQhAdJdY Pair
158610295913dAh3c7c4dPair3dTd3cKd8dY Loss
15961029587TcThAh6c9hPairTcTh6s2s2dY 2 Pair
16061029585Th2c2hQsJhPairTd2c2h8s9dY Loss
16161029581JsAs7d7s8hPairKs4h7d7sQcY Loss
162610295772s2hTd9s3hPair2s2hKd6hAsY Loss
163610295736h9cTsTc6c2 Pair 6h8cTsTc6cY 2 Pair
164610295702d2s4sKh5dPair2d2s6sTc9hY Loss
165610295669h2s9s6s7cPair9h8h9s3s3hY 2 Pair
16661029561QdAsQc8c5cPairQd5hQcJs4dY Pair
16761029558JcJdTs2d6cPairJcJd7sAdQsY Pair
168610295532sQd9h2c9s2 Pair2s8d9h2c9sY 2 Pair
16961029546Kd9hAc9d6dPair4d9hKc9dTcY Loss
170610295386dAsJh7s5hNothing9dAsJh3hAdY Pair
171610295349hTd4d2c8sNothing8c4sQs5h7hY Loss
17261029519Qd4hAhJd7hNothingQdKcAsJd9hY Loss
173610295118d9d6d3c9cPairKs9d5dQh9cY Loss
17461029506Qs8s8h6sTsPairQs8s6h6sTsY Loss
175610295012s9cTs3cKcNothing6c7hTcAsKcY Loss
176610294964cTdQh8c3hNothing3dQdQhJc2dY Pair
177610294795h8h3s6sJsNothingQc2h9sAcJsY Loss
178610294753sTcJc7c5dNothingQsTcJc7c4dY Loss
179610294728c4d9dKcAdNothing2dKh2cKcAdY 2 Pair
180610294697hTc4sTd2dPair3hTcQhTd8hY Loss
181610294664cJc6dJd8hPair3cJcThJdAcY Pair
182610294639sKd4c7sQhNothingAcKdKs8cQhY Pair
183610294577dQd7h4d9hPair7d5d7h9s4sY Loss
184610294532d7d9h8sKsNothing2s5sJc6cKsY Loss
18561029449ThJs5d6s8hNothing8dJs2h3dAhY Loss
186610294452d7sKcAs7hPair2h7s3s6s7hY Loss
18761029441QdAhQhAd6h2 Pair QdAhQhAd5sY 2 Pair
188610294386h7d5c3dQcNothing4cAhJhTdQcY Loss
189610294346d8c8hAd4hPair2h8c8hKh4sY Loss
190610294268hTd7c5h4cNothingJsTsAh4h3dY Loss
19161029423JhKdJc2s7cPairJh4dJc4c6sY 2 Pair
19261029418Ts9h8c5s7hNothingTs9h8c8s7hY Loss
193610294118h5s9d4hQcNothing5d2c4sJsQcY Loss
194610294059d6sTsKdQhNothing4c2s8sKdQhY Loss
195610293985c2sKhTc3sNothingAsAhKh9s5hY Pair
196610293942cJh2dAd5hPair2c8s2dKhQsY Loss
19761029386Ts9hQcTcKhPairTs3h5cTc5dY 2 Pair
198610293813dAdKd5c9cNothing4dAdKd8h2cY Loss
199610293779dAh5cAd4hPair QcAh8sAd5hY Pair
200610293715s6h4c6s3hPair Th6hJh6s4dY Loss
201610293676hKd7h8sQhNothing6hKd5dThQhY Loss
203610293555h9dTd3c2sNothing8d5dKs2h6sY Loss
20461029350Js8h2c3d3sPairJdAdJh3d3sY 2 Pair
205610293445c7dAsKs3dNothingQdThAsKs8dY Loss
20661029337JcTc6s2h8sNothingJcTcThKhQdY Loss
20761029332Td3h4s7d6sNothingQs4c6h8dQhY Pair
208610293256h4s5hTsKdNothingKc9h3d7hKdY Pair
209610293215sThAs5c9sPair5s8h4d5cKcY Loss
210610293163c2d8h9cAcNothing6sThAh4cAcY Pair
211610293083d6d4sAc5sNothing3d6d4s9c5sY Loss
212610293022h7cJsJd4cPairKh5sJsJd2cY Pair
213610292962c7sQh4hTcNothing4dKcQh9s8hY Loss
214610292923sAdAh4cTdPairQhAdAh8sKsY Pair
215610292864d5sQcAs6sNothing6hAhQcAs3cY Pair
21661029281As8c5h6d2dNothingAs6h4h9c4cY Loss
217610292758hTdKh7c8cPair8h3dJs7d8cY Loss
218610292619dJd8sTd5hNothing9dJd8sTd8hY Loss
219610292556sQs7c3h2cNothing6dQsKd7d5cY Loss
22061029250As3s8sKh5hNothingAs7hAdKhJcY Pair
22161029244Ac4cKh2d9cNothingAc2cKhJcThY Loss
222610292368c3d7d9d2hNothingAh3h5c2dAdY Pair
22361029229Ac4s2c6sThNothingAsQh2dTsJdY Loss
224610292262s5dTs2d9sPair2s4h8h2d6hY Loss
225610292216s5hKcKhTdPairQs5dKcKh9hY Pair
22661029214Qs2s8sJdKhNothingQs6h4hJdKhY Loss
22761029209Qc6hTc2h8sNothingQcThTc3c8hY Loss
22861029204Qs9c2sJs3dNothingQs4h4dJs6cY Loss
229610291789c9sTc3hJsPair9c9sTdJh7dY Loss
23061029173ThQdQh4h3cPairKcQdQh4h3cY Pair
231610291675dKhTh2s5hPair5d9sKsAd5hY Loss
23261029162Jh6d6cKh5hPair7h6d6c5sJcY Loss
233610291583h8cTsQhQsPair3c2cKhQhQsY Pair
234610291534dKhQc4s3sPair4d3cQs4sJsY Loss
23561029150Ts5d7c5hQsPairTh5d9h5hKsY Loss
23661029147Th9h3s2sTdPairTh2h5d2dTdY 2 Pair
23761029144Ts5hTd7c9sPairTsJcTdJd8cY 2 Pair
238610291416h3s4cJd6dPair6h4dKh5h6dY Loss
239610291408h7h4sTs7dPair3h7hTcAs7dY Loss
240610291373h7dAs5cAhPair2sJsAsJdAdY 2 Pair
24161029134Kd7cQs8s4cNothingKd4hQsKhQdY 2 Pair
242610291295c3sThKc6dNothing2dAh9cKc3dY Loss
243610291259s3c9h5c6dPair9s5d9hAd7dY Loss
244610291205s2h4h7sAcNothingKs8s9dThAcY Loss
24561029115ThQh5hAd4hNothingThQh5hTc4hY Loss
24661029111Qh9dQcKc2cPairQh4dQc5h2dY Pair
24761029109As5c9sKcAdPairAs2c6s2hAdY 2 Pair
248610291069dQdQs7s4cPairAsQdQs6c9hY Pair
249610291039h8c5c4c5dPair7dJh5c9c5dY Loss
25061029099Tc4cAsQhThPairTc8dQdJhThY Loss
25161029097Js4cJh6h5hPairJs2cJh7sTcY Pair
25261029094Qc6sTs3hTcPair3s8cTs7dTcY Loss
25361029089Th5cKs9hQhNothingTh5dJs9hQhY Loss
254610290839d2d8c7h3dNothingQc2c5hJd9hY Loss
25561029076Jh5h6sAh3hNothingJh5h5sAh3hY Loss
256610290728hAc7sKd6cNothing7cAc9sKd6dY Loss
25761029067Js6c9s3d5hNothingJs4d3cKdAhY Loss
258610290618cTd9s8dKcPair8cJsTh8d6sY Loss
25961029035JdKs9c7hQdNothingJd6hKhTsQdY Loss
260610290303dKhTsKs8cPair8hKh5cKs9sY Pair
261610290246cAc9d5c5sPairJd2h4c5c5sY Loss
26261029017AdKd2sJhKsPair4cKdTs7hKsY Pair
263610289916hAh8hJs9sNothing6sAh9cJs9hY Loss
26461028985Qd3c6sJh7cNothingQd6c4hJhQhY Pair
265610289777d8cTd2d4dNothing7d9sTd2d4dY Loss
266610289709s9cTc8sQhPair9s9c4s8h7dY Loss
26761028965Jh9s6s3cQhNothingJh6hQdJdQhY 2 Pair
268610289577s5dJd6hJhPair3c7cJd4cJhY Pair
269610289448c4hAsQh6dNothing2s8sAsQhTsY Loss
270610289388s7sQd4d8cPair8sQs3d9h8cY Loss
271610289309s7s6cTsThPair4d2cKcTsThY Loss
27261028923TdTs6dKhAsPairTdTs5hQcAcY Loss
27361028906Jh4dQd8d9cNothingJh7dQd9sQsY Pair
274610289033dAs3c7hJsPair3dJc3cTs9sY Loss
27561028894JcQcTd8d4sNothingJcQc4c9c4dY Loss
276610288898h5s4c5dQsPair8d5sTh5d8cY 2 Pair
277610288857d6cKh7s9dPair7d9hQh7sQdY 2 Pair
27861028870JcJs6hKsTsPairJcJs5c7d5sY 2 Pair
27961028867Ad4hQs4dKcPairTs4h8d4d9cY Loss
28061028863Ks3h4c7hTcNothingKs8cTh3c4sY Loss
28161028856Jd9cQdKhAdNothingJd4hQdKhAdY Loss
282610288534hAdTh7cKcNothing3dAd5sJsKcY Loss
28361028847Ts7s7h5s9sPairTs7s9c5s9sY Loss
28461028843ThTs2h7sAsPairThTsQd8s8cY 2 Pair
285610288413hAc4c4h9dPairTdTc4c4hJhY 2 Pair
286610288355hQd7h4s2hNothing8cQd3c2cJcY Loss
28761028832QsQc9dtc3cPairQsQcAh8c3dY Pair
288610288287s4d5cAdQdNothing8c3s7hAdQdY Loss
28961028822Ts3c9d2h6hNothing7dKh4dJc2sY Loss
290610288144hKh4sAd2dPair4hKc4sAhTsY Loss
29161028812Jd6c8sJc6d2 PairJd6c8dJc6dY 2 Pair
29261028797Jd5hAs4hTdNothingJd9cJs7hTdY Pair
293610287949cKsKc5dThPair3dKsKc3h9sY 2 Pair
294610287919h4c2h4h3cPair7s4c3s4hTdY Loss
29561028785JcTh3c9s8cNothingJcThKc9s8cY Loss
29661028780TdAc2dKc7hNothingJhAc4dKc2sY Loss
297610287755c6d7sQs7cPair4d2c7sJs7cY Loss
29861028771Js9c6d9h3hPair8s9c7c9hTcY Loss
29961028761KhTh8dJc5dNothingKh7c4sJc8cY Loss
300610287555sQs9d8s4hNothingJsQs8cJc5dY Pair
301610287519cKc3s9h8hPair9c7s4c9hAsY Loss
302610287443s7sAdQs6sNothing3s7sJcQs6sY Loss
303610287377hJsKsAdQcNothing9cJsKsAdQcY Loss
304610287355dTs7d2sTcPair3sTs6h8cTcY Loss
305610287296d7h3h4sQsNothing8s2d5s5dQsY Loss
306610287257h6d9d8cKcNothing7h6d9d8cQhY Loss
30761028720Qd3d4d4h8sPairTd5d4d4hQhY Loss
30861028712Jc9c6h8s7hNothingQh9c6h8s7hY Loss
30961028705Ks3d3hJdQsPair9h3d3h2sAcY Loss
310610286994cKhQh9h2sNothing3sKhQh9hQcY Pair
311610286913c7dAs6cKsNothingQd2sAsQhKsY Pair
312610286843c3hQsJdAcPair3c3hJs5c6cY Loss
31361028680Jd2d3s8c7sNothingJdTh4d4hQdY Loss
31461028671QsAdJd9dKcNothingQsAdJd9sKcY Loss
315610286638h6hQsTs4cNothingThQcQsTsAcY 2 Pair
31661028655As4c5s3cQhNothingAs8cJd6hQhY Loss
31761028650Qs3h6d6c5hPair9c3d6d6c2hY Loss
318610286477s2h2c3dQdPairTc2h2c4cJhY Loss
31961028641Kd5sKc4d4h2 PairKd8sKc4d4hY 2 Pair
32061028626JcAh7c8hQdNothingJc3h5h2cQdY Loss
321610286196c7d5hKh9cNothing8d3dQsKh8sY Loss
322610286126dKs8s3d8hPair4s6s8s5h8hY Loss
323610286048c9hJh4cKsNothing7d3hJhAsKsY Loss
324610285997d4cKc6s9dNothing7c6hKc6dAsY Loss
32561028593Th7h8s3sAsNothing8d3c2sJdAsY Loss
326610285904sJs3h3sJh2 PairQhJs3h3sJhY 2 Pair
327610285838d9s3dQc8cPair8d6s5c7d8cY Loss
32861028578Jd7cQc2c6dNothingJdKcQcTc6sY Loss
32961028577QdQcTsTc6s2 Pair QdQcTsTc7sY 2 Pair
330610285704cJc6cQh2hNothing5sJc2sQh5hY Loss
33161028565KdJh7dKhAsPairKd3d8hKh9hY Pair
332610285449d7cJd2sQdNothing9d2cJd5dQdY Loss
333610285403sKcJdAc6cNothing8dKc2hAc6hY Loss
334610285267d9cJhTd6dNothingTs5hJhKcAhY Loss
335610285212c5sJd9cKdNothing6s4cJd2dKdY Loss
336610285164s4cQdAs8cPair4s4c6dKhTcY Loss
33761028511Qs8c3cTc3dPairTh5c3c9s3dY Loss
338610285058s4s7sTc2dNothing8s4s7s9sTdY Loss
339610285018s4sKs4h6hPair9c4sKh4hAcY Loss
340610284977c5hKc4c5sPair6h5h3d9d5sY Loss
341610284926d2sAd7hTcNothing8sKhAd8cJsY Loss
342610284865cQs6cQhJdPairKhQsAsQh9dY Pair
343610284824c9s5s2dAhNothing3cAd8d8hAhY 2 Pair
344610284762cAs9d7d4dNothing2hAsQcJs7hY Loss
345610284736d9d9h6cQc2 Pair 6d9d9h6c3sY 2 Pair
346610284695h2c5c8d7sPair 5h8h5c4h6cY Loss
347610284637dTdTc2c9cPair 4dTdTcJs3cY Loss
348610284586cJsKs5h4hNothing3sJsKsKh2cY Pair
349610284493cQhThAd2hNothingAcQh9dAd4hY Pair
350610284446s5sTh6d7dPair 6s4dJd6dQcY Loss
351610284367hJd2c5s6hNothing3hJd6cAc4cY Loss
35261028429Qs9d8c6cQhPair Qs5s5c8dQhY 2 Pair
35361028423JsQc5d9d2dNothingJsQcQd3h6hY Pair
354610284177dAcQdAd2cPair 8dAcJdAdJsY 2 Pair
355610284112dTs8c7h9sNothing2cTs8c7h9sY Loss
356610284064c5h8s5dAhPair9s5hJc5dTsY Loss
357610283993s3h6d2hAcPair3s3h9c6cTcY Loss
35861028396AhAd7c9hKsPairAhAd6h2c4sY Pair
359610283867s3h5c4c2cNothingJc2s5c4c2cY Loss
36061028383KcAh3c9d8dNothingKcAh7s9sQdY Loss
36161028377Kd7h5c5dJdPair3h9s5c5dTsY Loss
36261028372JcJs4hTdQhPairJcJs7s5h4cY Pair
36361028366TsKd4c2sQcNothingKsKd3sThQcY Pair
36461028359Ad8s7cJc2hNothingAdQc4sJcKhY Loss
365610283558s4h4s6d6c2 Pair 3h4h4s6d6cY 2 Pair
366610283506s4dJdJh3hPair5hAcJdJh8sY Pair
367610283443hJs2dKs4dNothing9cJsTdKsKhY Pair
36861028335KhAc4s7d5cNothingKhAc4hQc8sY Loss
369610283263c4c7c8h4sPair9d4c2sAd4sY Loss
370610283074h6d2dKsQdNothing6c3hQcKsQdY Pair
37261028288Tc4d6h3hKdNothing5h4d6h3h4hN LotsLoss
373610282818d7cAdTd3dNothing8dKhAdTd3dY Loss
374610282705dTh2cAc5cNothing5d7h4d4c5cY 2 Pair
37561028266Ks8hKhJs3sPairKs5cKh3dAdY Pair
376610282596c8d6dAd5hPair6cQd6d9c7hY Loss
37761028251TdKc5c2c3cNothingQh8c5c2c3cY Loss
378610282469d5d6s4sQsNothing6d7s3sKsQsY Loss
379610282388dKd3s9d3dNothing8dKdAs9d3dY Loss
38061028230Qh8h3c2d7sNothingQh2hQs8cKdY Pair
38161028203JcAs3cQsKhNothingJcAs9hQsKhY Loss
382610281993c3d5d5c7h2 Pair 3c3d5d5c4hY 2 Pair
Finishing Hand #
2 Pairs 91
3 of a Kind or Better 0

Summarizing the above table, the player played optimally in 556 out of the 560 hands or 99.29% of the time. The 4 hands played incorrectly are simply too few to make any substantial difference to our results. Even if all 4 hands had resulted in 3 of a Kind or Better this would not be even vaguely enough to affect the assessment of this game as unfair.

To demonstrate this we've switched these 4 hands from Losses to 3 of a Kind or Better hands and conducted a Chi Squared comparison. The Chi Squared test is used to compare data sets to establish if they've been drawn from the same distribution. In this case we're comparing the results we would expect in a fair 2 Ways Royal game and the results the player received (adjusted for the 4 misplayed hands).

This would leave us with the following results;

Finishing Hand OccurredExpectedCorrect Frequency Actual Frequency
Loss343306.2554.69% 61.2500%
2 Kinds9172.1012.88% 16.2500%
3 of a kind or better461.4711.0% 0.0071%

We then took the figures in the above table and applied the Chi-Squared test to compare the expected results with the actual results;

(You can find a very handy Chi Squared calculator here -

A small P (Probability) value (0.05 or less) is considered mathematically significant and indicates that the samples are not drawn from the same distribution. The Chi Squared calculator tells us that the P value for these samples is 'less than 0.0001'. To get an exact value we used Excel and received the following result;


Changing this to odds we get;

1 in 7,907,899,076,910

That's nearly 8 Trillion. To put this number in perspective, the Andromada Galaxy which contains at least twice the number of stars in the Milky Way, is estimated to have 1 trillion stars (source -

Simply put, given the strategy that the player employed and the results that they received there is no possibility that Skybook’s 2 Ways Royal Video Poker game was functioning fairly at the time that this player played.

Analysis of the Double Feature

After we’d concluded that the main game was not functioning fairly we looked at the player’s results when using the Double-Up feature. The results that the player received from the times that they chose to use their winnings on the Double-Up feature are shown below;

  • Result: Win - Frequency: 4

  • Result: Push - Frequency: 5

  • Result: Loss - Frequency: 25

When playing a fair Double-Up feature the chances of winning and losing should be the same. As such if we exclude the Push data and look only at the Win/Loss results we would expect to get 14.5 of each and when we run the Chi Squared test again comparing the actual results with the expected results we get the following;

Again repeating the calculator give us a P value of ‘less than 0.0001’. To get the exact figure we look to Excel;


Once again it is clear that these results were not generated by a fairly functioning Double-Up feature.


Given that 2 entirely separate games are both functioning in a manner that could not be produced by games functioning in a fair fashion, this issue cannot be explained away as any type of coding or update error. The likelihood of 2 different games experiencing accidental errors at the same time is exceptionally small and this data set is far more likely to indicate a systematic integrity issue.

Whether the likely rigs are consistent in nature (present all the time) or triggered by some predetermined event - a player getting too far ahead, the casino daily/weekly/monthly results being below a predetermined level or some other trigger - we can't say for sure and would require further testing, but that there is something substantially wrong with this Video Poker game dealt to this player is entirely unquestionable.

It should also be noted that this is not the first time that Amigotechs Video Poker fairness has been called into question;

In each of the above issues - including this one - the effected games performed in a way that was beneficial to the casino and detrimental to the player. If we were to accept these reports as random mischance we would expect some to favour the casino and some to favour the player. With so many reported issues on top of our findings this situation paints a very dark picture of the integrity of Amigotechs software.

The bottom line - we would strenuously advise all players to avoid any casino using Amigotechs software. They were Blacklisted before this issue due to repeating software integrity issues and this player's experience only confirms that the Blacklist is the correct place for them. For ease of identification we've included a list of casinos we are aware of that use Amigotechs software;

If you are aware of any other properties using Amigotechs software we would appreciate you contacting us so we can add them to the list. You can reach us through the contact form on site.

If you are concerned about game results you've received at an Amigotechs casino I'd also encourage you to submit a complaint through our Complaint Service. I can't guarantee we'll always be able to reach the concrete conclusions we have in this case, but I'm always happy to take a look.

Skybook's Response

Skybook were informed of our investigation on the 2nd of April 2015. We received a response on the 6th of April 2015 simply informing us that Skybook management would be contacting the player directly on the 7th of April. As far as we're aware from communication with the player, that contact never occurred. We have received no further information or communication from Skybook at the time of this article's publication.

To be completely clear, Skybook were provided with a complete copy of this report on the 6th of April and informed of our intention to publish the report on Friday the 10th of April to allow them time to offer any response or to detail a planned course of action.


Amigotechs' Response

Amigotechs - the software provider directly responsible for the games in question - appear to have been informed about this issue by Skybook on the 6th of April. We assume this is the case as their CEO contacted us directly on the 6th regarding several unrelated issues with content on this site that they wanted changed (incorrect screenshots and a desire not to have their brand associated with the CasinoAffiliatesNow group). At the time of this contact Amigotechs were provided with a complete copy of this report and informed of our intention to publish the report on Friday the 10th of April to allow them time to offer any response or to detail a planned course of action.

There is currently an ongoing conversation with Amigotechs software. To keep to everything completely transparent I'm publishing everything in this conversation and will be updating this as further correspondence is sent/received.

Did the player get their money back?

As of the 30th of April 2015 we can confirm that the owner of Amigotechs software has personally repaid the player. We've received no explanation for the issue nor any indication that other players will be repaid.

At the time of publication Skybook casino have not returned any of the wrongfully incurred losses to the player ($7175).

This situation put the Dispute Mediation service I offer in a difficult position where the interests of the player who approached us with the issue conflict with those of the player community in general.

For the playing community in general insuring that this issue received as wide exposure as possible was a priority. The more players that are aware of this issue, the fewer players that can/will be affected by it in the future. As such publication of a report was the best course of action, helping to steer players away from this service and to the best online casinos.

For the player individually, the path that was most likely to return their losses is the right course of action. In all likelihood I would have had a far greater chance of getting this player's losses returned if I'd been prepared to deal with this quietly - i.e. spoken to the involved parties and stated that as long as the player's money was returned I wouldn't publish anything further regarding this issue.

So for players in general publication was best and for the individual that actually came to me looking for my help non-publication would have been the best road.

I chose to do what's in the best interests of the most people. While I hold to this decision as the best course of action, I view this choice as actively undermining the service that the player engaged with. Rather than helping the player my actions have hurt them.

As such, if Skybook do not step forward and return all losses from this playing session by the 20th of April I will be making efforts to repay this player myself.


I would like to thank the following people (in no particular order) for their critical eye in reviewing the findings and conclusions of this report;

  • aka23 (Nolan) - Nolan is the owner of BeatingBonuses has for many years been considered the premier site for online Advantage Play and Nolan is one of the premier gaming mathematicians in the business today.

  • Eliot Jacobson - Eliot received his Ph.D. in Mathematics from Arizona University and has worked on both sides of the tables, both as a winning player and as a consultant on the development and protection of casino games. Amongst his many published works in the field of Mathematics he has written 3 books on casino gaming; 'The Blackjack Zone', 'Contemporary Casino Table Game Design' and 'Advanced Advantage Play'. Eliot's blog can be found at (this site has now been bought over).

  • Michael Shackleford - Michael was the founder and is still the principal content writer for He is an Adjunct Professor of Actuarial Sciences at the University of Las Vegas and is widely considered 'the' authority on all things gaming maths related.