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CasinoReviews Reasonable Adjustments Policy for our Complaint Management Service

Helping everyone access our service.

At CasinoReviews.com, we understand that not all of our users have the same needs and that some small changes to our approach can make big differences to how easily some of our users will be able to access and engage with our service. This page lays out our approach to facilitating access to our service.

1. Purpose

1.1 This policy is intended to clearly outline the practices and approaches that CasinoReviews.com will take to make reasonable adjustments to support access to our complaint management services for persons with disabilities. It lays out our approach to meeting the individual needs of our users and our commitments' to deliver high standards of user support.

2. Legal Requirements and Best Practice

2.1 Our legal obligations to adjust our service to support the needs of persons with disabilities vary depending on the user’s country of residence. However, we strive to meet the highest required standards across all jurisdictions.

2.2. The core objectives of this policy are to commit to take reasonable positive steps to remove barriers to access and use of this service you may face as a person with disabilities and to, as far as reasonably possible, ensure that you receive the same service as someone who is not disabled.

2.3 Under the Equality Act (2010) [UK], the duty to make reasonable adjustments comprises a series of responsibilities falling into three areas:

(i) changing our practices, policies and procedures where our standard practices make it more challenging for a person with disabilities to engage with the service;

(ii) providing additional aids and services; and

(iii) overcoming a physical feature which is a barrier to access by altering or removing the feature, or providing the service by an alternative method.

3. What is a Reasonable Adjustment?

3.1 Reasonable adjustment is a legal term introduced under the Equality Act (2010) [UK]. It means that CasinoReviews.com should try to make reasonable adjustments where its services or systems place a person with disabilities at a substantial disadvantage in comparison with persons who are not disabled.

3.2 It would be impractical to provide an exhaustive list of reasonable adjustments as what would be considered a “substantial disadvantage” is dependent on personal circumstances. However, when deciding on whether an adjustment is reasonable we will consider the following:

(i) the effectiveness of any adjustment: for example, managing a complaint over email is unlikely to make a substantive difference to accessibility given that our current service can be accessed entirely via email after having been submitted via our web form;

(ii) the practicability of the adjustment: for example, where a requested website adjustment would take longer than the average complaint management period to implement, meaning that in all likelihood the case review process would be concluded before the adjustment could be deployed;

(iii) the financial and other costs of any adjustment: for example, if a customer is unable to put a complaint online and requests a home visit so that a staff member can take down the details of the case for them, it might be reasonable to refuse on grounds of cost, provided that a different adjustment can be made – for example, asking the user to write and physically post the details of their complaint;

(iv) the extent of disruption caused: for example, where using a larger font size on our website would help one user, but would detrimentally impact the user experience for all other users; and

(v) the extent of our financial and other resources, and the amount of resources already spent on adjustments: any adjustment would need to be proportionate, and not result in substantial financial detriment being experience by our service;

4. Good Faith Policy

4.1 In addition to fulfilling our legal obligations, CasinoReviews.com is committed to maintaining a high standard of accessibility and experience of our service for all those with whom we come into contact. We endeavour to ensure that we extend our approach to reasonable adjustments to embrace not just disability, but any special need or circumstance.

4.2 While it is not possible to list all such circumstances, some examples of areas where we may make reasonable adjustments not covered by the Equality Act are as follows:

· Translation – while the languages we can manage complaints in are restricted by regulatory mandate, we can signpost translation services that can assist users whose first language is not English;

· Support signposting - providing additional information about support agencies that can assist those users impacted by gambling harms.