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Service Accessibility

Filling Out Our Complaint Form

While we understand it can be frustrating, we need you to fill out a form to explain your dispute to us. This serves several purposes:

i) It give us a clear understanding of your complaint and the specifics of how you believe your gambling transaction has been unfairly administered.

ii) It allows us to collect consent to comply with our legal requirements under the GDPR.

iii) It ensures that we have a written record of the issue, in your own words, that allows our team to both check the details of your complaint and return to re-review your submission in the case of any misunderstandings.

While we do encounter some complainants who want to submit their complaint via email or physical post, or phone to discuss their dispute, we view these methods as sub-optimal for the management of your claim. Managing complaints via these approaches slows down the complaint management process, creates additional paperwork and record keeping requirements, does not provide the notification system to ensure that you are updated about any changes to your case and can lead to inaccuracies and misunderstanding that can result in your claim being more challenging to manage.

We can make exceptions in this area where there are physical barriers that would substantially disadvantage a user if they managed their claim via our onsite complaint management system. Please see our Reasonable Adjustments Policy for further information.

Email verification

Before you are able to submit a complaint, we ask you to verify your email address. Unfortunately, a significant number of complainants make mistakes, or provide invalid contact information when submitting their claim. If we cannot contact you, we cannot manage your claim appropriately. As such we need to ensure we have valid contact information for you from the outset of this process.

Consumers without Internet access

This service manages disputes between consumers and online gambling operators. As such the chances of a dispute arising where the consumer does not have access to the internet is very low.

However, if you find yourself in a situation where you can no longer access the internet, but require us to review your claim, you can write to us at the below address and we will endeavour to make alternative arrangements to support you:

FAO – Head of ADR Services
Blexr Limited
Office 1/2514, Level G, Quantum House,
75, Abate Rigord Street,
Ta' Xbiex XBX 1120,

Progress Updates

Our system has been designed to give you visibility on the progress of your complaint. When logged into our complaint system you will be able to see the status of your complaint:

- Waiting on the Player – we’re waiting on you providing something.
- Waiting on the Operator – we’re trying to contact the operator about your issue, or have already contacted the operator and are waiting on them providing a response.
- Waiting on DRO – our team is processing information we’ve received and will get back to your shortly.

Every case is reviewed at least once a week. If we’re waiting on something from you, we’ll provide a reminder. If we’re waiting on something from the operator we’ll provide them a reminder. In that case you will receive a dated notification stating that work is ongoing.

We do not provide more than a basic notification that work is ongoing on your claim unless we have something relevant to communicate to you regarding your claim. While we understand that delays managing your claim can be frustrating, providing progress updates when we are not in a position to communicate anything relevant or new is time consuming across the hundreds of cases we have open at any given time and would slow the process down for everyone.

You may receive dated notifications for several weeks in a row. This does not mean that there is any problem. It simply means that we’ve asked for additional information from the operator. Where we request additional information from either party, we allow that party 3 weeks to provide the requested information. Each new request we make resets that timer. 

Please be patient. We understand that you wouldn't have contacted us if everything had happened as it should have, but asking for updates when we don't have any new information to provide you simply slows down the process for everyone.