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Pay By Phone UK Casinos

If you thought online casinos were convenient enough, you’ve obviously not come across pay by phone casinos.

Top Pay by Phone Casinos 2024

Last Updated: Jul 23, 2024

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Affiliate Disclosure

At Casinoreviews.com, our mission is to help players find the right casino offers that suit their needs. To maintain our commitment to transparency and fairness, we want to make it clear that some of our recommended casino links may be affiliate links, meaning we may receive a commission for referring users. However, we want to assure our users that our casino reviews and recommendations are never influenced by these commissions and are based solely on our independent and thorough review process.

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Benefits and Drawbacks

There are several key benefits to using a pay by phone casino in your area. One of them is convenience. Once you’re all signed up at a casino, and if you choose to save your debit card details, you might not find it the most taxing task to punch in your CVV number each time and wait for that little spinny logo to confirm your funds are ready. But simply sending a text? It has that ‘once you try it, you’ll never go back’ appeal. Like buying a car. Or barbequing a banana (you’re welcome).

Using a pay by phone casino gives you added privacy, because you don’t need to give the site your bank details. This is a very important factor to many players who value privacy and security, especially when gambling online.

It’s not all smooth sailing, though. Even the best pay by phone casinos have strict deposit limits in place—usually around £20 or £30 per day—which restricts your options. And, if you end up winning, you can’t withdraw using pay by phone methods, which means you will have to add another payment method, eventually.

Pay By Phone Casino Bonuses

Casinos with pay by phone options will almost always have special promotions available. But can you claim a casino bonus when you deposit with pay by phone methods?

In most cases, the answer is yes—you can get a pay by phone casino bonus. But when you factor in the deposit limit, this will sometimes stop you from getting the full bonus. For example, if there is a 100% deposit bonus worth up to £100, you’ll only be able to get 100% up to £30 if there’s a maximum daily deposit of £30 at your chosen pay by phone casino.

Payforit vs Fonix

If you’re looking for a pay by phone casino, you’ll notice there are plenty of emerging options. Two of those are Payforit and Fonix. But which of the two is the better choice?

Payforit is a service which allows you to make payments to services, like online casinos, using your mobile number. It’s supported by a wide range of phone networks including GiffGaff and others. After you subscribe or pay for something using Payforit, you’ll receive a text message confirming the sale. If you’ve subscribed, this will also include instructions on how to unsubscribe. But that shouldn’t factor in for pay by phone casinos, so don’t worry too much about that bit.

Fonix is a professionally presented pay by phone option which was founded in 2006 and functions together with PayPal, MasterCard, Apple Pay and more. It has also worked with the likes of ITV and tastecard, giving the brand a very trusted, premium feeling.

Both services offer a similar and reliable service, but we prefer Fonix slightly as it appears to be more popular.

Our guide for using Pay By Phone in the UK

Pay by phone casinos are different to the usual options, and if you haven’t used one before, you might not be too sure about trying it. But it’s safe, quick, and very convenient, which means a lot of you could really benefit from using a pay by phone casino.

It's also a great choice for players looking for mobile casinos as these types of operators usually put larger focus on mobile players. Here’s how to deposit:

How To Deposit

If you want to use a pay by phone casino, the first step is to find one and sign up. You’ll see a few of our top recommendations in this pay by phone casinos guide.

Once you’re signed up at your new casino and logged in, head to the cashier and click ‘Deposit’, then choose the pay by phone option you want. There may only be one, but some of the best pay by phone casinos will have multiple options like Payforit, Fonix and Siru.

Choose your preferred payment method and punch in how much you want to deposit. Pay by phone casinos have strict limits on the amount you can deposit each day, so expect a cap of £20-£30.

If your mobile contract allows it, or you have enough credit on your pay-as-you-go SIM, you’ll receive the funds straight away and get a bill by your mobile company.

Fees and Costs

Pay by phone casinos don’t leverage any additional costs for using these services. And neither will your mobile carrier. But the important thing to remember with pay by phone casinos is that the money will come out in your next bill cycle. This is a little risky for some people who might forget, or get carried away. So make sure you only gamble what you can afford to lose at all times.


Pay by phone casinos aren’t suitable for high-volume players, and existing payment methods won’t inconvenience a lot of you enough to seek an alternative. But it certainly fills a gap in the market for casual players whose biggest concern is playing with the minimum amount of admin required.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pay by phone casinos are online gaming sites which allow you to upload funds with no debit card or e-wallet. Instead, you can add funds to your casino account and charge it to your phone bill.

If you’re struggling to make a deposit at a pay by phone casino, you might not have enough money on your PAYG SIM. Or, if you’re on a monthly contract, you may need to enable premium charges with your carrier.

Yes, you can make deposits at pay by mobile casinos using a pay as you go (PAYG) SIM card. Before you attempt to upload funds to the casino, make sure you have a sufficient balance to avoid any errors.

Many of the best online casinos in the UK now offer an option whereby you can make a deposit using your mobile. You’ll find our experts’ most highly recommended pay by phone casinos on this page.

Yes, there are plenty of online casinos which will allow you to claim a bonus when you sign up and make a qualifying deposit using a pay by phone payment method. You can find some recommendations here.