Online Visa Casinos in NZ

Visa casinos are super common in New Zealand – and that’s why you need to know how Visa works, how you can claim bonuses at Visa casinos, and more.

Top Visa Casinos for Kiwi Players 2023

Last Updated: Sept 29, 2023

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Benefits and Drawbacks

Visa is famous, easy to use, and will be very familiar to most New Zealanders. The benefits are many, and it seems like the default option, especially if you’re new to online casinos.

One drawback is that you can’t always access your funds instantly, as you can with some e-wallets. And, because they usually link your Visa card to your bank account, the card is tightly wound to your identity. This is positive in the sense that it will be harder for fraudsters to claim the funds on the card are theirs. But, for some players, privacy is paramount, and we could therefore view this as a drawback.

Visa Casino Bonuses in NZ

Some casinos with Visa will offer you a big welcome package, like a 100% first deposit bonus, but certain payment methods will make you exempt from receiving said bonus.

The good news is that Visa casinos are almost always happy for you to pay using Visa and will therefore allow you to claim a bonus when doing so. Your Visa card is linked to your real name and address, so there is no real reason for a casino not to offer bonuses to players using Visa.

It’s always a good policy to give the T&Cs a once over just in case, but in almost all cases you should be safe using Visa to claim bonuses.

Visa vs MasterCard

Ah, the Goliath vs Goliath of online casino payment methods – no space for David here. It’s a very important area to assess, as these are two payment methods which are available at nearly every online casino in New Zealand.

Visa is bigger than MasterCard, both in valuation and number of users, but they’re both huge organisations. Reports in 2022 placed Visa cards at 3.3 billion to MasterCard’s 2.4 billion. And for the most part, the two offer very similar services.

Unlike e-payment options, you don’t rock up to Visa or MasterCard for a card directly. Instead, you’ll apply for one via a bank or credit union. Therefore, they both come with buyer protection (Verified by Visa for Visa, and Secured Code for MasterCard).

If you’re a big spender, MasterCard’s price protection scheme could be useful; they’ll refund you the difference if something you buy is reduced within 60 days. But overall, there’s very little to call between these two. What’s more important is selecting the best bank that will issue you your Visa or MasterCard in the first place.

Our Guide to Using Visa

If you want to try out Visa at a NZ casino, you first need to get a Visa card. The most common way to do this is by opening a bank account, and the bank will then issue you a card which uses Visa. Visa is essentially the mechanism to check that a transaction has been accepted, and to let the shop – or online casino – know that everything is legit. It then facilitates the payment.

But that stuff won’t concern you too much. Instead, here are the bits that will:

How to Deposit

For the purpose of this Visa casinos guide, we’re going to assume that you’re using a Visa card issued to you by your bank. This means that there are no meddling middling companies, which is obviously a good thing when it comes to convenience.

Make sure you have money in your bank. We don’t want to waste your time over explaining this step, but you know how it can be done: cash investments, transfers, payments from your place of work, and so on.

With cash in your account, you just need to log into a Visa casino and head to the cashier section. Choose ‘Visa’ as your deposit method and input the details you can see on your card, and the funds should be transferred from your bank account to your real money casino account pretty much instantly.

Be diligent about which sites you give your card details to. But, if something does go wrong, you always have that Verified by Visa fall back, which is a strong advantage over some other payment methods.

How to Withdraw

Withdrawing at Visa casinos is a similar process to making a deposit. Because your Visa card is usually linked to your bank, the process is straightforward.

When you’ve accrued enough cash where you’re ready to withdraw (congrats on the win, by the way), just log into your casino account and head to the cashier. Click on ‘Withdraw’ and select Visa. Your account details should already be saved in your account from your initial deposit.

If you didn’t use Visa to make a deposit at the casino, you probably need to do so at least once before you can use that method to cash out. If you’re in this scenario, just make the minimum deposit using Visa, and then you should be able to withdraw.

Once you complete the transaction from your end, you just need to wait for the casino and bank to process the payment. This used to take a fair few days but, depending on your choice of casino and bank, you could see the cash land in your account by the next day.

Payment Timeframes

At Visa casinos, it’s tough to nail down a generic amount of time which it will take to make a payment. That’s because it depends not just on Visa, but also the bank you’re using and the online casino’s own processing times. For instance, sometimes you’ll see that a casino doesn’t process withdrawals on weekends - unless it's a fast payout casino.

Deposits are usually instant. After all, the casino doesn’t want to twiddle its thumbs when it could be bringing in more revenue. But withdrawals are where it gets tricky. You could receive funds in one day, or it might be closer to a week. There are just too many variables.

One other option you have is called Fast Funds. Visa casinos which offer this will allow you to cash out your winnings at top speed, with funds available within 30 minutes from the time of approval. This is only supported at selected NZ Visa casinos, though.

Fees and Costs

Visa is the default for most debit cards, which in turn is the standard way that most people pay for rent, bills, shopping and so on. And, just as you don’t notice many additional fees, you shouldn’t have to face many extra costs when using Visa at a casino.

This is not a guarantee, though. Some online casinos may choose to add a flat fee for Visa payments, especially withdrawals. However, Visa casinos which operate like this usually get a lot of negative feedback from customers, and so it likely won’t last long.

If you’re exchanging currencies, that’s one time you may notice extra fees for sure. Visa charges a flat rate of 1%, which won’t bother you too much unless you’re depositing a large amount.


Visa casinos are common as muck for a reason; it’s one of the best and safest ways to make payments at an online casino. The convenience of using a payment method which is so familiar to so many Kiwi players takes away that initial hurdle which can put some players off of learning about online wallets, and instead keeps things simple.

Without Fast Funds, it’s tough to get instant access to your winnings at casinos with Visa, which is one of the only flaws. Otherwise, we highly recommend using NZ Visa casinos.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Visa casinos are extremely safe. Your Visa card is likely linked to a bank which will support you if there are any issues. Visa itself also uses Verified by Visa to stay extra safe.

Yes, you will usually be able to claim a bonus when making deposits at an online casino using Visa. It is very rarely one of the payment methods excluded from bonuses.

Usually, yes. Most online casinos which accept Visa payments will allow you to withdraw for free. If they charge a fee, it’s likely they do the same for all types of withdrawals anyway.

Players in New Zealand can easily use Visa at almost all of the top casinos available to them. Visa debit cards are a very common way to pay for goods and services in NZ, including online gambling.

Because your online casino withdrawal requires both your bank and the casino to process the payment, there’s no fixed time. But you could receive your funds in as little as 30 minutes with Fast Funds.